lundi 22 février 2016

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

I think it's safe to say we all go through tough periods during our lifes. Whether it's related to work, school, family, friends, love, etc. We've all faced this situation where you are just stressing out, feeling like there's no way out and just planning the worst case scenario.
And you know what?

It is normal. 

And you will get through it.

However, I believe there are ways of avoiding your stress taking over you. Here are a few ideas that I personaly like and that are, I believe, useful.

1. Get a coloring book

No, coloring books are not just for kids and yes, it will help you relax. 
Just trust me on that one.
I find that coloring helps me forget about everything by focusing on what I am doing at that exact moment. It helps my mind wonder in brighter places and really makes me see things with more optimism. 
Once I am done I feel lighter and ready to go again! 

2. Listen to music

I LOVE music. I feel an absolute need to have music in my life. When I feel overwhelmed, I always put on my headphones and escape. Music really helps you calm down and put things into perspective.

3. Try yoga

I first started yoga when I was studying it Uni in France. I had never tried it before, saw they had a class there and thought "Why not give it a go". So I went for my first class, a bit anxious about what it was gonna be and I absolutely loved it. It's a very special feeling when you leave the room after an hour of yoga. You feel so light, so happy and it's like all your worries and problems have shrunk. It's amazing and I truly recommend trying even if you don't know anything about yoga. You will be guided all the way through and will feel so good afterwards. 
I now usually do a yoga session before going to bed at night when I feel the need to relax, stretch and take some time just for myself.

4. Go for a walk

Walking is obviously good for your body but I think it's also great for your mind. Just being outside and being able to breathe the fresh air will clear your mind. You don't have to sit it your room and think of everything that is stressing you out at the moment, you can just walk and admire the beauty of nature while having a nice workout!

5. Write 

I may seem obvious to some of you but writing really helps with stress in general. It just allows you to understand more what is going on in your life and in your head. It gives you a chance to see thing differently and most of the time, you will realise it's not even that bad. 
You don't have to have a journal, you can just grab a piece of paper when you feel the need to write things down.

I hope these tips help you relax and feel better. 
Tell me in the comments if you have tried them and what you do when you feel overwhelmed.

Here's a video I did on the topic.

Talk soon,


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